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Many companies today no longer employ an on-site accountant or bookkeeper for the management of their businesses. Gadfly Associates can partner with you as a trusted advisor to help grow and improve your business enterprise.

We believe true business advisory is only accomplished through an ongoing relationship, in which we offer our expertise and insight to help develop strategies for building your business in a profitable and sustainable manner.


Many businesses have a need for a CFO, but can’t support a full-time position. We can perform the chief financial officer duties for your organization on a part-time or interim basis to help you optimize operations and maximize profits.

Whether going through a period of rapid growth or struggling with effectively managing working capital, the help of a financial expert on your team can make or break your success. Let us be your trusted advisor and provide you the financial management support you need.


Whether your business is installing a new database or software system, or you are updating some existing functions to accommodate your growing operations, let Gadfly Associates simplify and manage the experience for you.  Our unique methodology makes us ideal for project management.

We can assess and identify all the critical areas for potential improvement in your process or procedures.  Then we will create and implement a plan that achieves your specific goals for
the significant improvement needed to drive your success. 


Most people hate taxes and frankly we don’t like them either, but unfortunately compliance with Uncle Sam, as well as the state and local governments is not a choice. 

Whether it is planning for upcoming taxes or filing for current ones, we have the experience needed to minimize your tax burdens and ensure that you and your business are in good order with all the applicable governments
and municipalities.  


Nobody wants to be audited by the IRS, and it can cause a lot of fear and anxiety.  What can be even worse is when your accountant charges you a fortune for all their billable time.  Unfortunately, if the IRS doesn’t get you, your CPA firm will.

We are excellent at bridging the gap between you and the IRS to bring a quick and favorable resolution.  More importantly, because we only offer fixed price engagements, you are assured upfront of the value we will bring.


The only thing worse than Uncle Sam is Father Time.  Unfortunately, we all must think about how to ensure that our families and businesses are structured to survive when our time comes to an end. 

We can assist you in determining the most advantageous way to maximize your estate assets, while ensuring everything transitions smoothly per your wishes. 


There are many circumstances in which the owner of a small business needs to know how much their business is worth.  This can be a complex area of accounting since there are usually no comparable ways to easily come up with a value.

Gadfly offers highly specialized services in this unique area of accounting.  Whether it is for litigation support, estate planning or to facilitate the sale of a business, Gadfly Associates can give you the timely data and reports needed to support an accurate and fair representation of your business’ true worth.


Starting a business or trying to get it to the next level??  Let us assist you in forming your new business or developing your strategic plan to take it higher.  Our unique skills and experience can help you increase profits, as well as the value of the business itself.

We genuinely enjoy partnering with entrepreneurs and lending our expertise to
help where needed.  We openly share our intellectual capital because your success is indeed our success!


We live in an extremely affluent area and in some very prosperous times.  As a result, some among us are fortunate enough to have found great success.

Gadfly Associates is uniquely positioned to manage the financial and personal affairs for such fortunate clientele.  Our services are customized to your needs with a concierge approach.  We are honored to be of service to you and your family.


Many investors and businesses in our area find themselves with a greatly diversified group of tangible assets.  Effectively managing those assets while maximizing the overall portfolio can be challenging. 

Let us assist and simplify the process for you.  We can help protect your existing portfolio, while implementing strategies to grow and appreciate your assets and investments.

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