How do you get heard in a sea of pitches? What do people actually hear when you tell your story? What's getting through? What's being misheard?

If we asked your investors, partners, customers, prospects, team, press to tell us your story, what would they say?

We work with startups, new and mature, to identify their core stories and how to tell them. Captivate the audiences you want, how you want.


Don't just be listened to. Be listened for.

Strategic Storytelling

Develop a cohesive and compelling narrative that delivers the story of your strategy and engages everyone in making it successful.

Work with us to develop and deliver the narrative that exemplifies and amplifies your strategy. Make your company the one to listen to.

Brand and Marketing

From content and PR to digital marketing and growthhacking, you need a brand story that stands out in a sea of pitches. 

Work with us to develop story-driven marketing that delivers on your KPIs. Be a brand customers love and admire.


In a crowded marketing world great products and services can go underappreciated without the right story for the right audience. 

Work with us to develop sales narratives that get through and generate results. Drive conversations that lead to greater sales success.

“I won't found another new company before going through the process we did with Gadfly.”

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